Mk2 45/ZS ATC Transistor Pack / Hedgehog - JGN000010

Mk2 45/ZS ATC Transistor Pack / Hedgehog - JGN000010

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We've all heard of the problems with the Mk2 45/ZS ATC transistor packs - if you're reading this the chances are you've already found out they're unavailable new. 

The good news is that we can now supply a replacement pack - and it's an upgrade from the original part. 

We replace all components known to fail with upgraded versions, use high-quality silver-based thermal paste on re-assembly and fully test all units before sale. 

Please note there is an exchange surcharge on this item - when you have received your new pack, you need to return your faulty unit to us for a refund of the exchange fee. 
Your faulty unit to be returned in exchange needs to be complete for the credit to be applied - including all covers and internal clips for the MOSFETs etc. 

When ordering, you need to use the drop-down menu to order both a new pack and the exchange surcharge - the surcharge will be refunded on return of your old pack. Your old pack must be in good, complete and repairable condition. An assessment of the returned item condition will be made when it is received back at DMGRS HQ. 

Would you rather repair your old unit? We have a kit for that too - click here.


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