If you're looking for a particular part, would like a different brand than is offered, or would even like to choose your own courier, we can help. 

DMGRS Bespoke is an initiative we've launched to help you choose what you order, how you order, and how it arrives with you - all with the 'personal touch'. 

A few examples:

  • Your local UK Mail delivery driver knows you well, so you'd rather we delivered with them
  • You'd like a Head Gasket Kit to include a part that's not available in the drop-down menu
  • You're looking for an XPart-supplied part that's not listed on the site (we're an XPart supplier, so can order anything needed from them)


To start your Bespoke order with us, simply email the team at now. Include details of the parts you'd like and any delivery service preferences.

We'll reply with a custom order set up for you - all you'll need to do is click the 'Payment' link, and we'll do the rest.