75 / ZT Diesel Alternator Regulator / Brush / Slip Ring / Bearing Kits. Fits YLE000260 and YLE102500 - MG Rover

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IMPORTANT - please select the parts you need from the drop down menu.
All parts are in stock.

If buying a regulator, please ensure you check which of the 2 types you have - one type has a 2-pin connector, and the other has a 3-pin connector.
As a rule of thumb, earlier alternators are 3 pin (1999 - early 2003) and later alternators are 2 pin (late 2003 - end of production). 
All other parts (brushes, slip rings, bearings) fit both versions. 

If the 'charge fault' light has illuminated or your battery doesn't appear to be charging properly, the chances are your alternator regulator is faulty or your brushes are worn.

Luckily I now supply a complete replacement regulator and brush assembly - meaning no lengthy alternator removal and no large bill for a replacement alternator! This item can be fitted in situ. 

 If you can't check which type you have, order one of each and you can return the unused one to us free-of-charge.

Fitting instructions - This item is best fitted from above.
Remove the engine cover for better access, you may also wish to move the power steering fluid reservoir.
Disconnect the battery before working on the alternator in any way.
Remove the connections to the back of the alternator, remove all the small nuts holding the rear cover in place, and gently move this out of the way.
There's a few small nuts and bolts holding the regulator in place - remove these, and then wiggle the regulator free.

Also now available:
- Slip Rings (these need soldering in place)
- Bearing (fits next to the slip rings, recommended to be changed at the same time)
- Brushes as a standalone product (supplied as a pair, ideal if yours are just worn down)

A printed Fitting Guide is included with this item. 

Fitment Rover 75 - all Diesel models
MG ZT - all Diesel models
Manufacturer DMGRS OEM-Q
Notes Check if you have a 2 pin or 3 pin regulator before ordering - if in doubt order both and return the un-needed item. 
Stock location AA4

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