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Telephone 02380 001133 between 10.00AM and 3.00PM Monday - Friday to speak directly to the team, or email sales@dmgrs.co.uk. 

Cut-off for same-day postage (Express Delivery only) - 11:30AM, however smaller items may still be sent the same day after this.


Discount MG Rover Spares are a small outfit designed to provide MG Rover enthusiasts with the right parts at the right price.

There's nothing worse than trekking to your local Factor to pick up the part you've been waiting for all week, to find it's incorrect or a higher price than you expected.


Let's have a quick introduction.

Mat Price 2012-2019

- the founder and former owner of Discount MG Rover Spares: In 2007 I passed my driving test and bought my first car - a 1996 Ford Fiesta. Despite the usual reliable nature of these cars, I must have picked a 'lemon' as repairs cost me a fortune over the 11 months I owned the vehicle. I decided to cut my losses and look elsewhere - which is how I ended up with my first Rover. 

My first Rover was a 1998 Rover 416i with the venerable K Series engine - not really knowing much of the car or what was under the bonnet, I drove it around faultlessly for nearly a year. It was on this car I started carrying out my own servicing in an attempt to save money - my first job was replacing the brake pads. 

From then I owned another 400 - this time a diesel - and started performing repairs myself (replacing the clutch slave cylinder and an intercooler hose). 

Since then I owned a 620ti and an MG ZS (you can read more about them - on the left-hand navigation bar you'll see links to reports of how they were to own) and I had to really get to grips with more 'serious' repairs (clutch replacement on the 620ti and the ZS). While performing these repairs, I was irritated by several incorrect parts being supplied, and paying over-the-odds for what seemed like simple items costing much less for other brands. 

 Scott Biddlecombe 2019-Present

My name is Scott Biddlecombe and I've been a huge MG-Rover fan for the best part of a decade now. I bought DMGRS from my good friend Mathew Price in July 2019 with the aim to maintain, grow and improve the business for the fantastic customer base that DMGRS has. 

A little about me: I first got into MG Rover products via my Grandfather who for as long as I remember has had Rovers. His Father (My Great Grandfather) was an engineer for Jaguar in the 1940's and 50's involved in the development of their cars at the time. Grandfather had a number of Metros, Rover 400's and finally a MK1 Rover 45 2.0D. A car that I always liked and enjoyed trips out in. 

My Brother was my next strong influence when for his second car bought a Goodwood Green MG ZR 1.8 120. Having driven the car and being impressed with it's pace, handling, looks and overall great value for money I decided it was time to get an MG Rover product for myself. 

My first example was a MK2 MG ZS 120 hatch which I bought in early 2013. During the 2 years of ownership I heavily upgraded the car with the major works completed below

-ATC Climate Control Conversion

-Steel Caged Diff bearings

-Xpower springs

-TF135 cams, 52mm throttle body, Aluminium Inlet Manifold and Lotus Cam Cover

- Powerflow Exhaust

The car was superbly reliable and went on to complete 147,000 miles with no major issues apart from a clutch replacement and a collapsed diff bearing. 

I sold the car to pursue the ZS 180 dream which I've gained small notoriety for. My Monogram Biomorphic ZS 180 MK2 which I pulled out of a scrap yard has been the roller coaster that you might have expected. A full blog on the car will be available soon.

I now drive my ZS and a fantastic Monogram Moonshine MG ZT 1.8T MK2 which has given me a great understanding of the intricacies of the ZT/R75 design, a genuinely class design with the refinement, handling and equipment that you would expect from a premium vehicle.

As well as the cars above int he family we have a TF 160 and have had several ZR's. My focus will be over the coming weeks, months and years to better serve the wider MG-Rover community and help out wherever we can. 

I thank all for reading this, if there's anything that I can do to help any of our customers out there please don't hesitate to contact me on sales@dmgrs.co.uk