Mk2 45/ZS ATC Transistor Pack Repair Kit - JGN000010

We've all heard of the problems with the Mk2 45/ZS ATC transistor packs - if you're reading this the chances are you're faced with a £130+ bill for a new unit.

The transistor pack can usually be repaired - it's the MOSFET transistors that usually fail. Luckily they're much cheaper than a new full unit!

Unfortunately the IC controlling the transistor pack can also fail - if this is the case you'll need a new pack. The general consensus is that the transistors are usually the point of failure, meaning attempting a repair is usually very much worthwhile.

We cannot offer refunds if a repair doesn't fix the transistor pack - this service is to be used on the understanding there is a small chance the repair may not be successful.

List price (new pack): ~£100