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13 / 3 / 17 via email:

'Hi Matt,

Just a quick email to say thank you for your prompt reply to my order for 2 new side repeaters. Ordered last Sunday, delivered yesterday, fitted today - simple, straightforward, no fuss, couldn't be bettered!

Excellent customer service, great price (an eBay seller wanted £10.99 for same item), well packaged up and the packet of sweets was a nice touch as well. I'll be ordering again!!

Thank you.'


17 / 3 / 17 via email:


A couple of days ago I ordered two front suspension parts for my MG ZS. You acknowledged my order immediately, kept me in the loop as regarding packing and despatch and gave me a Tracking reference too. The package arrived an hour ago and that has restored my faith in humanity. Provided, of course, that the parts fit!

I will definitely use you again and recommend you to my mechanics.

Many thanks'


29 / 3 / 17 via email:

Hi Mat.  I ordered 2 pumps off you and was given 3 to 5 working days for delivery so I planned my week accordingly to fit these in later this wk. 

Total surprise when they turned up on Tuesday after ordering them last Friday eve   Parts are now fitted and all is working fine.  Thanks to you Mat my car is back on the road.  Excellent service.


31 / 3 / 17 via email:

Just to say thank you. Parts arrived nice and early so have the whole day to fit them. Thank you for the sweets too. :-)


 31 / 3 / 17 via Facebook:

Hi, I had a clutch pedal adjustment kit from you and would just like to say that it is working great - thank you for the fast service you have shown.


8 / 4 / 17 via email:

Yesterday afternoon 6 / 4 / 2017 i received the package and i am very happy because the products is extremely.
As was excellent and the cooperation with you.
Fast delivery----Helpful----Nice and save packaging----Great product.
Certainly will refer for you to some forums MG-ROVER.
A big thank you once again for all as well as for the candies.
Best wishes.


13 / 4 / 17 via email:


Ordered a thermostat kit and inlet manifold gasket last week (KV6). It arrived in a couple of days and is now fitted. It was a good price and I will definitely use you again,





13 / 4 / 17 via email:

Hi O-rings have arrived this morning!! thank you


18 / 4 / 17 via email:

Just writing to say that the metal timing belt tensioner arrived promptly, comparing this to the one that I removed, you could feel the difference in quality, the old one (less than a year old) the bearing was rumbling and the auto tensioner was very stiff leading to high belt tension.
The new one, the bearing is really smooth and silent, the auto adjuster is really smooth, fitted and adjusted up really easily, overall an excellent product, can only recommend.


18 / 4 / 17 via email:

Dear Sir or Madam,
You recently sold me a coolant stat for the Rover 75. Thank you so much! Turned out the factory fitted one had been faulty for a least two years; as long as I'd owned the car. I'd received duff initial advise. The cabin now warms up - feels like I'm driving a petrol!


21 / 4 / 17 via email:

Hi there Mat,
Parcel with pads, dampers and a/roll bars arrived safely thank you very much.
Kind regards


9 / 5 / 17 via email:

Got it (Bosch R75 MAF Sensor) on Thursday, fitted Friday morning, took half an hour to fit and has transformed the Rover, towed the caravan so much better.

Kind Regards


9 / 5 / 17 via email:

Items safely delivered this morning, thanks.

10 / 5 / 17 via email:

Greetings Each

Thank you for the prompt service the part arrived late this afternoon.

Thanks again :)

Kind regards


10 / 5 / 17 via email:

Hi have received the caps you sent ok. Thanks, very much appreciated, will definitely recommend you whenever necessary.



3 / 7 / 17 via email:

Hi Mat!

I received the package this week. Thank you so much for helping me out :-)

You really set the example of how a business should be run. Be sure that I'll continue shopping with you many more times in the future!

Best regards,


12 / 7 / 17 via email:

Hey Mat,

Part arrived to me here in Middle Earth. I fitted it - so much easier to put on/off which shows how stuffed the old one was! - and after a top up of fluid and a drive there is no evidence of any water bleeding out of the cap, so I'll call that a fix!

The same part quoted here in NZ was six times the total cost of buying it from you and shipping it to New Zealand! With no guarantee that its a Rover original part either.

So stoked I found you guys, there will be many more bits required at your amazing prices as we keep our beloved 99 75 V6 going.



12 / 7 / 17 via 75 / ZT Owner's Club Forum:

As per title many thanks to DMGRS for yet another prompt delivery. A new clutch kit c/w metal master and slave. These will be fitted on Monday and hopefully cure my loss of brake fluid every week! My TF is having a new clutch fitted on Friday. Been slipping for several weeks and parked up for 3 weeks.

The wife uses either car on a daily basis for work (home carer for elderly). It will be nice have both cars sorted. By coincidence both MG's are on 83,000 miles. Both cars went through Longbridge assembly line in March 2005, although ZT not registered until March 2006.


11 / 8 / 17 via email:

Many thanks for prompt delivery of my order (Heater Resistor Pack)
and the detailed instructions. All very clear and straightforward.

My thanks and Kind Regards,


11 / 8 / 17 via email:

Hi Matt
Fitted the resistor pack today to the 416-all good again with the blower -thanks :)


21 / 8 / 17 via email:

Hi, would just like to thank you for the resistors repair kit I purchased about a month ago.
Fitted it this afternoon, took about ¾ of an hour. Very easy to follow instructions and works very well. Pleased we now have a full set of blower levels on our MgF as we never have before, a shame I didn't know of this upgrade when I had my ZR.
Thanks again, recommendations are already on the go.


22 / 8 / 17 via email:

Good morning Matt.

Thank you very much for yet another truly professional parts buying experience.

Great website and excellent service every time.

Many thanks.


30 / 8 / 17 via email:

Thanks for great service. Part arrived morning following placing order.

Best wishes


31 / 8 / 17 via email:

I loved your service! Super quick, I already installed the two pumps and both work flawlessly. Thank you for the sweets, it was a nice surprise. I'll come back for sure!

Best wishes


1 / 9 / 17 via Facebook:

Hi Mat. Just wanted to say many thanks for your excellent service. And the sweets very much appreciated too. Thanks again.


17 / 9 / 17 via email:

Thank you for the two side indicator repeaters that arrived this morning and have replaced the two with dampness intrusion on my two Rover MG Group vehicles.  These are an excellent price and have certainly improved the cars. Thanks once again.


17 / 9 / 17 via email:

just to say thanks for prompt delivery and great service.


20 / 9 / 17 via email:

Hi there.
Now my work is done and after a couple of weeks is now time for her to rest for the winter season.

Well I am very satisfied with your quick response to handle/sending parts and even my silly questions.
Your homepage is very easy to search even though I find details I would like to get my hands on but I have to hold it back :-) so keep up the very good work.


22 / 9 / 17 via email:

Hi, Matt,
Zt handbrake parts arrived next day
Great service.


16 / 10 / 17 via email:

Thanks very much for the efficient service in supplying the part quickly.
It has now been fitted and all seems ok.
Thank you


30 / 10 / 17 via email:

Hi Mat,
Just a courtesy email to say my order arrived this morning. Many thanks again for your excellent service.

Kind regards


31 / 10 / 17 via email: 

Hi Matt,
Just a quick mail to say thank you for the part that I have received.
Excellent customer service and a very great prices, couldn’t been better.



31 / 10 / 17 via email: 

Hello Matt,

Parcel is arrived today in good order and in time and the items (pump seal & both front bearings) will be changed on Thursday (1st November not being a working day).

Thank you.



8 / 11 / 17 via email:

hello Mat,
the parcel has arrived today. happy monkey 😊
thank you very much for your help and your service.

Have a nice day




22 / 11 / 17 via email:

Hi Mat, like the first time your service was spotless! Fast shipping and everything well packaged!

Thank you!

Best wishes


(little bit of a gap - we've been rather busy!)
12 / 7 / 18

I recently purchased a gasket and bolts from you. I had a chat with Mat regarding the use of MLS or Elastomer gasket on a K Series engine, in fairness he recommended the elastomer gasket with upgraded head bolts. All i can say is thanks Mat for your top advice in regards to this. Worked first time no issues.


19 / 7 / 18

Dear sirs,

The order arrived to-day Wednesday ; Looks ideal should do the job nicely thank you very much.




19 / 7 / 18

We are very pleased the the part we ordered, we received the order very quick and hopefully will do business again if necessary. E


24 / 7 / 18

Hi. Item received and now fitted ... all good ... many thanks for your service. Regards P


26 / 7 / 18

Can I JUST say how very greatfull I am for helping me out on this occasion. I have just purchased the said part from our friendly MG supplier as suggested by yourself. Youve saved a very precious car many many thanks.
Regards E

26 / 7 / 18

Hi Mat, thanks for this much appreciated, All back together now and working fine although a slight delay for fuel line o-ring,  I overlooked this item as also needing replacement after being separated in the dis-assembly process, ( I'm pleased I did disassemble rather than attempt the "keyhole method")  & thankfully new items from DMGRS arrived very quickly. I will  be leaving +ve feedback , great service Thanks again.


13 / 9 / 18

Hello Mat,
My Rover 75 parts arrived today. As usual excellent service from DMGRS. You might like to know you we recommend by Andy Willi, the Clutch King (editors note: Andy Willi provides mobile clutch replacements for the 75/ZT, he's based near Doncaster. Contact us for his details).
Regards J


25 / 9 / 18

Dear Mat

just thought that I would drop you a line thanking you for the excellent heater motor resistor  repair kit that you sold to me last week....

I t has worked really well- knowing that I have the older R8 made me wonder whether it would work as you seem to deal mostly now with the later 25 models.

I thought that I,d just mention that the glove box screws on the R8 are cross head screws- and that there is an additional lid damper on the right hand side which is fixed by a further cross head screw- other wise the  resistor pack plate appears to be the same.. In my case one of the fine coils was broken and they all looked a bit oxidised.

 I got an electrical expert friend to help with the desoldering/soldering operation...this all went well and I'm delighted to report that all four speeds are back perfectly......this has got to be the best value for money repair that you can do....  I was dreading having to take the whole dashboard apart to get at a buried heater motor component.....
BTW have you spotted that the heater blower switch itself is now nudging 50 quid from (competitor)?

Thanks again!


4 / 12 / 18

Dear Matt,  an absolutely brilliant job on my clutch. That's the best it's ever been! The previous Valeo pressure plate had given up....S&S did great work and I was off back to London at 3 00. Very grateful. Thanks, I


17 / 12 / 18

Hi and many thanks for your recent delivery of hg kit and studs, also the helpful advice on zt forum. G


17 / 12 / 18

Hi  I want to thank you I receved my order today and merry Christmas to ye all regards J


8 / 4 / 19

Just wanted to say Thank you, Have had 2 items from you in the last couple of weeks. Both arrived on time, but was also kept updated on delivery.Would definitely recommend / use again .


9 / 4 / 19

Hi Mat, thanks for fast delivery even to my destination abroad. I also highly appreciate the reliable communication.
Best regards,

21 / 5 / 19
Good morning Mat,

I just wanted to let you know the sensor got delivered last Friday. On
Saturday I have installed the after market crank shaft sensor and the
engine is back to service and running very smooth. It looks like the
fuel usage is lower than with the previous sensor.

I have to say thank you very much for your outstanding support and
help, to find a sensor with the long lead which fits.
I highly appreciate your attitude which is not focused to getting the
most profit but to help finding a technical solution for your
customer. This attitude cannot be found often and is highly valuable
for customers.
You have won a new customer!

Best regards,

29 / 5 /19
Hello Matt,
Thank you for the suspension parts which I have been ordering from you recently for my 75s. Great service and I know that my cars are getting quality parts. Thank you also for the sweeties!
Kind regards,
7 / 10 / 19
Hi Discount MG Rover

Received the fan heater repair pack today so thank you for your swift delivery.
I would like to just say this is great alternative to aftermarket items, it's great value for money and the fitting instruction made this job easy to carry out. I wish I could say the same for getting this part out of its location, however this was Rovers great idea. All said it's all done and working great.

Once again thank you for your help. 
25 / 10 / 19
Dear Mat and Scott.
I am very pleased with your services.
It is comforting to have such service knowing what one orders and pay for that is what is received.

Thank you
10 / 11 / 19
Good Afternoon.
I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone connected with my recent order.
Scott took my order over the phone and was so upbeat it made my day.
When my package came i discovered a little extra had been sent... in the firm of a packet of haribos!
Awesome customer service.
You guys are the best!!

19 / 12 / 19
Just a quick courtesy email to say the above order arrived this morning. Xmas has come early, sensors put into spares stock and the free repeater lamps fitted and look so much better than the smoked ones.

May I wish all at DMGRS a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Once again great service doesn't have to be expensive as you've proved now and in the past.

Best wishes,

2 / 3 / 20
Hi guys,
Just a little thank you note for your superb customer service. Parts fitted a treat will be using you many times in future.
Kind regards S & S
16 / 3 / 20
Hi Mat

Stat arrived today, top man.
The sweet in the box is a nice touch, but the missus nabbed that before I could get a look in.

Many thanks

26 / 3 / 20
Hi Mat and Scott,

Just a quick email to say that my service kit arrived at 14.10 this afternoon via UPS. Many thanks again for your swift service at this difficult time.

Kind regards and keep safe,


9 / 4 / 20
Hi Scott,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your recent sale to me
of a K series Auxiliary Belt Tensioner for my Rover 75, Part No: PQG100190. Not only was the part brand new,
the price was also amazing.

Infact,the garage that put the part on for me, couldn`t believe how
cheap it was. Adam, the mechanic, expected the cost of the part to have been nearer to £100!
When I spoke to you on the phone you were very friendly and helpful.I spoke to you about my headlight filling
up with condensation and although you don`t deal with headlights, you offered to put me in
contact with someone who did. 

I`ve sorted my headlight out and thanks to the belt tensioner, my car is
now running like a dream.

I am now a very happy Rover owner once again and I can assure you
without a doubt that I will always use you in the future.

Thanks again Scott for your warm and friendly service. 10 out of 10!

A E 

24 / 4 / 20

(Item ordered: NGC000040 Coil Packs)
Received and fitted them today.
Indeed, these are high quality. They click in perfectly, unlike even the genuine ones.
P R 

28 / 4 / 20

Placed an order for what I needed and it came today. Spot on service, thanks very much. Sweets are a nice touch.

Thanks for your help

6 / 5 / 20
I know I’ve commented before, but it still amazes me how cheaply you can supply parts! All the ones I’ve bought from you have been great, too in quality.

Some of my UK Rover forum colleagues seem to be concerned that Rover 75 spares are too expensive, but even including shipping to Australia, they still seem bargain basement cheap to me.

Great service too.

18 / 5 / 20
Hello Dmgrs!

I’d like to say big thank you ! For such a quick delivery and great parts and for being there for us. And for sweeties ofcourse :)
You are doing great job.
Thank you and keep up in these rough times.

Best regards


15 / 6 / 20
Hi Scott,

Just a brief note to let you know that the upgrade climate control unit arrived this morning and has been fitted in my ZT-T. It’s brilliant and I’m delighted. Thank you.

Kind regards,


19 / 6 / 20
Amazing service, quality parts, and even a few extras, thank you so much


22 / 6 / 20
Fantastic prompt and attentive service from the team at DMGRS!
Couldn't fault them - returns policy was clear and helpful. Would definitely recommend and will use again for my Rover spares. Thank you - 5 stars! - Mark Rawlinson

22 / 6 / 20
Thanks guys item arrived this morning. Debs says thanks for the sweet.
Cheers .... E

11 / 7 / 20
Hi. Thankyou for the lower wishbone arm bushes received today. Excellent service. Good quality parts,and love the sweets in the box. My grandchildren thought that was kind (their words).


18 / 7 / 20
I would like to say a big Thank You, for your fast and great service.
Sweet great too.

23 / 7 / 20
I have just ordered a few more items from you and wanted say a big thanks for the excellent service you provide to us 75 and ZT owners. There can be little doubt that you are really helping to keep these wonderful cars on the road and are giving us much confidence for the future. You may be sure I will me ordering more to come!
All the best and Thank you .


11 / 8 / 20

I received the part, it's fantastic, without you, my Rover 75 was going to be scrapped.
Thank you!

27 / 8 / 20 
Hello, today arrived the package, I verified and is all there, all I purchased. Thank you very much, also thanks for the candies ,was nice. I sent this email just to let you know is all OK and I am more than a happy customer. Have a nice day.

24 / 9 / 20
Hi there,
Just arrived in excellent condition. Thanks for the Maoam Stripe.
Regards, T

22 / 11 / 20

Just wanted to pass my grateful thanks for the super service with the order for my inlet manifold.
Called you on Monday, Scott was kind enough to sort out my order over the phone, the package arrived on Wednesday and I picked up my car from my mechanic on Friday purring like a kitten!
Thanks again guys your service is exceptional but that's maybe why I keep coming back when I need anything Rover!

15 / 7 / 21
I am very happy with the product, the price and most of all the excellent service that Discount MG Rover Spares have given me.
I received prompt and courteous replies to my emails and both Scott and Matt were very helpful.
I am one very satisfied customer.


17 / 3 / 22 

Hi Guys,
Just a quick email to say thanks for the amazing service. I ordered a MAP sensor yesterday afternoon around 3.45pm with standard delivery & was shocked to receive it this morning!

25 / 05 / 23

Good Morning
I would just like to say a big thank you for your excellent service. I made a call for some advice and spoke to Scott who was very busy but still took a few minutes to discuss the springs on my Rover 75. Immediately went on-line to order the springs and they were delivered the next morning. Such service cannot be improved upon and i just wanted to give worthy praise, not only on this transaction but with everything you have helped me with.
Thank you very much.
Kind Regards

23 / 8 / 23

Hi there Scott

Thanks very much for all your help and advice on replacing the belts on my KV6 on Tuesday ( collected parts in person). The job was certainly character building without the special tools but as you said do-able. The hardest thing was fitting the belt and tensioner ( had to enlist help from a neighbour holding the sprockets etc ) and I kept managing to get it one tooth out grrr! Anyhow...job was completed and engine fired up first time and is purring.
You guys do a great job keeping our cars going and giving us useful advice, so please thank all your team for me please ( when you get a chance and you're not frantically rushing around getting orders out that is! )
P.s. the old belt was utterly knackered and I was lucky to get away with it!



20 / 6 / 24 

Hi Scott and Max,
I have to say it is a pleasure to deal with DMGRS. Every time I contact you, you go above and beyond. I almost want my 75 to go wrong so that I can order again. I also have a TVR Chimaera and although the suppliers I have dealt with are reasonably good they can't hold a candle to you. If you wish to use this recommendation for marketing purposes, please feel free.
Warmest regards,