Rover 75 / MG ZT Inner Tie Rod - Steering Rack - OEM-Q

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These are incredibly hard to obtain in the correct length, however we have managed to source stock of this once elusive and expensive part.

Inner tie rods contain a ball-joint which can wear, usually showing itself as play within the steering on an MOT test. In previous years a new rack was required to rectify, however now you can simply replace the worn inner tie rods. 

IMPORTANT - Aftermarket items are usually the Ford Galaxy item sold as a Rover part - this has a longer thread where the tie rod mounts to the steering rack. Our OEM-Q items have the correct (>16mm) threaded section, so will sit correctly as the original does. 

This item carries a 5 Year Warranty as standard.

If you need the Track Rod End which attaches to this part, click here.

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