Front Suspension Rebuild Kit Bundle - Rover 75 / MG ZT

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A full set of OEM-Q Front Suspension Parts for the Rover 75 / MG ZT - includes everything needed to give your car a new lease of life! 

Suspension bushes lose stiffness and break up with age - you can now change lots of 'wearing' parts for a bargain price by using this Front Suspension Rebuild Kit. 
You'll save a packet compared to the RRP, and by fitting all-new parts at once you'll feel a massive improvement in your car's handling overnight. 

The basic kit comprises of:
- Front Lower Arms (Pair) - OEM-Q (2 year warranty)
- Front Lower Arm Bushes (Pair) - OEM-Q (2 year warranty)
- Front Drop Links (Pair) - OEM-Q (4 year warranty)
- Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes (Pair) - OEM-Q (4 year warranty)
- Inner Tie Rods (Pair) - OEM-Q (5 year warranty)
- Track Rod Ends (Pair) - OEM-Q (2 year warranty) 

Use the drop down menu to add parts to the kit - you can add Top Mounts (Pair, inc bearings) and Wheel Bearings (Pair).  

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