PG1 6208 Steel Caged Differential Bearings - Pair - OEM-Q

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A pair of quality 6208 Steel Caged Differential Bearings to fit the PG1 gearbox.

The PG1 is an excellent gearbox plagued by the plastic caged bearings fitted as standard, these are a fit-and-forget upgrade that will last the life of the car. Some 620ti owners have been running 350bhp+ with no issues through Steel Caged 6208 bearings.

Due to occasional changes in suppliers the bearings may come with seals, before use in a PG1 gearbox it is advised that these are removed.

List price: ~£30

Fitment All PG1 gearbox applications
Manufacturer DMGRS OEM-Q
Notes We recommend changing the driveshaft seals when fitting this item
Stock location AA1

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