MG ZT260 V8 Coil Packs and Spark Plugs Kit - NEL000010 and NLP000120 (inc Rover 75 V8) - OEM-Q

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A fantastic way to change the Coil Packs and Spark Plugs in your V8 at a fantastic price! 

Brand new set of Coil Packs and spark plugs for the MG ZT260 and Rover 75 V8 (inc supercharged conversions).
The Coil Packs are our OEM-Q items - designed to deal with the high running temperature conditions of the V8 engine and outlast the original part.

The Spark Plugs are Bosch items, and are Platinum & Iridium fusion items to give a long service life and excellent performance. They're also pre-gapped to the correct setting. 

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