OEM-Q Clutch Slave Cylinder Bracket - MG ZS 180 - UUU100860 / UUU100861

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If you can't select gears properly on your MG ZS 180, it's likely a problem with the clutch hydraulics.

There are 3 items that cause problems - the Master, the Slave and the Slave Bracket. 

To see if your issue is caused by the Slave Bracket, ask a helper to depress the clutch pedal and look for flexing / movement in your existing bracket holding the Slave. If so, or if a weld has snapped, this is the item for you.

Premium quality MG ZS 180 Clutch Slave Bracket, supplied rust-protected and painted black for long life. 

List price: ~£59


Part Number: UUU100860 
Fitment: MG ZS180 - Saloon and Hatchback
Manufacturer: OEM
Notes: Strengthened design, additional corrosion protective coating

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