OEM-Q 75 / ZT CDT/CDTi In Tank Diesel Pump - WFX100933 - Mk1 and Mk2

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A high-quality in tank fuel pump module for the Rover 75 / MG ZT (CDT and CDTi).

The early system (used until early 2004) uses an In Tank Pump in combination with an Under Bonnet Pump; later cars use the In Tank Pump by itself (the pump is rated for higher fuel flow to compensate). 
These pumps are compatible with both systems - they operate at the higher pressure of the later fuel system (which is backwards-compatible with the earlier set-up). 

This is the module that fits within the in tank pump assembly - the part which commonly fails. Common symptoms are running rough/stalling below 1/4 of a tank or stalling due to low fuel pressure.

To check if your in tank pump is working, place your ear to the back seat of your 75/ZT with the ignition on Position 2 (engine not running) and you should hear humming. If you don't, your pump has probably failed. 

This kit includes the ESR3806 seal that fits around the access hatch - this should always be changed along with the Fuel Pump. 


Rover 75 - all Diesel models
MG ZT - all Diesel models

Manufacturer DMGRS OEM-Q
Notes When fitting to a Mk2 vehicle, you will need to remove the spade connectors from the connector block on the wiring to the pump (very simple to do).
Stock location DB2

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