Rover 75 / ZT Clutch Slave Cylinder - UUB100193 / UUB100194 / UUB105301

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We have 3 options available for the Rover 75 / MG ZT Slave Cylinder - our own OEM-Q item, a Magneti Marelli part and the new MG Rover Metal item.

Our OEM-Q part is made by a large manufacturer of clutch components, and has been cumulatively road tested for over 500,000 miles in a fleet of test vehicles. It offers a cost-effective option while maintaining a high standard of quality and reliability.

The Magneti Marelli item is offered for those seeking the original 'reference' MG Rover design - AP / LuK created the 75 / ZT Slave Cylinder, and while the pipework has changed over the years the Magneti Marelli item is built to the same high standards in Italy. 
It's mid-way between the OEM-Q item and the Metal Slave Cylinder in terms of pricing, and is ideal for those seeking an item close to the specifications of the original.

Finally, the Metal Slave Cylinder - thsbeen in development for some time, and has now been released for our cars. The original plastic items can start to leak and fail with age, however the Metal Slave Cylinder is designed to rectify these issues, and provide a reliable replacement for the original item.

Please select the option you'd like from the drop-down menu when ordering.

The first picture is the OEM-Q, second picture is the LuK and third is the Genuine MG Rover Metal Slave.

 Feedback on the Metal Slave Cylinder so far:

'Fantastic item, fitted on Friday and have driven over 600 miles this weekend alone. The clutch feels brilliant.'

'Bought on Thursday, arrived Friday, and fitted over the weekend. Excellent item, now fitted and running well'.

'Clearly an improved design, fitted and in service with no bother'. 

12 month warranty with this item.

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