Rover 75 / ZT CDT/CDTi Clutch Kit - Borg & Beck with OEM-Q or Magneti Slave - RP1069 & UUB105301

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This is the famous Rover 75 CDTi / MG ZT CDTi Clutch Kit we have now been selling for over 3 years - over 200 now sold! This kit is recommended by many enthusiasts across the various MG Rover forums. 

This kit contains a Borg & Beck Clutch Kit, and OEM-Q / Magneti Slave Cylinder.

The original clutch as fitted by MG Rover didn't have any springs in the driven plate, meaning additional strain on the DMF and even occasional failure due to the rough take-up. 

These clutches are fully springed, and will more than likely outlive the car they're fitted to. You can tell just by looking at them that they're built to last! Remember that most failures are the slave, and not the clutch itself. If you can't stretch to the 'premium' option you can rest assured the 'budget' kit is still top quality. Please be advised, the slave cylinder's pipework is slightly longer than the original but it will fit absolutely fine.

12 month parts warranty with this kit. 

A truly fit-and-forget kit, this 3 piece clutch kit is sure to give years of reliable service.

Borg and Beck have been a quality supplier of clutches and related parts for over 100 years, and supply many OEM items to car manufacturers across the globe.  

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