KV6 Ultimate Head Gasket and Cambelt Kit - OEM. Fits Rover 45/ZS/75/ZT 2.0 and 2.5 V6.

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If you're unlucky enough to suffer V6 head gasket failure, luckily for you there's now an OEM kit available at a great price. This kit also includes our Premium Quality Cambelt Kit, including all belts, tensioners, idlers and a new waterpump for total peace of mind and reliability.

This kit now includes our UK-made waterpump supplied by Mark Pumps - as fitted at the MG Rover factory for total peace of mind. 

This kit contains everything you'll need for the job, including:

  • 2x OEM-Q Head Gaskets (MLS) - LVB101630
  • 2x OEM-Q Cam Cover Gaskets - LVP100470
  • 4x Corteco Camshaft Seals (Rear) - LUC100220
  • 4x Corteco Camshaft Seals (Front) - LUC100290
  • 2x Inlet Manifold Gaskets - LKJ100992
  • 2x Exhaust Manifold Gaskets - LKG100290
  • 24x Valve Stem Seals (Geniuine MG) - LUB100350

NB: The Camshaft End Caps (LUC100150) have been replaced by 'regular' oil seals (to be fitted as usual) as the caps are prone to coming loose after fitment. Replacement with the regular-style oil seals (2x LUC100220, included in this kit) resolves this. 

The cambelt kit included contains:

  • Long front cambelt (Dayco) LHN100410
  • Cambelt tensioner,  OEM-Q) LHB101630
  • Cambelt idler- OEM-Q LHV100110
  • Water Pump (MG Rover OE Supplier) PEB102240
  • 2x rear belts (Dayco) LHN100420

Now includes the all-new enhanced Idler Pulley - no more thin plastic webbing and rollers! See pictures for more details on the revisions we've made. 

We also sell the head gasket kit without the cambelts etc, available here: 


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