BW750 + Rail + Bolts Bundle - K Series (All) WAM2293, LVB000320, LCN000140 + Supplementary Gaskets / Seals

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This kit is a fantastic way to replace the Head Gasket on your K Series engine with our revised version of the BW750 Head Gasket, a set of High Tensile Head Bolts and the stronger LCN000140 Oil Rail.

This kit includes the following:
- BW750 Head Gasket (OEM-Q), over 1,000 sold
- OEM-Q High Tensile Head Bolts (set of 10)
- Strengthened Oil Rail (LCN000140)
- Inlet Manifold Gasket (either non-VVC or VVC)
- Exhaust Manifold Gasket (LKG100551) OEM-Q 
- Camshaft Seals x4 (2x LUC100220 and 2x LUC100290)

Please use the drop-down menu to choose either the Non-VVC or VVC option. 

If you would like a set of Valve Stem Seals, you can order them here: Valve Stem Seals - K Series

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