KV6 Head Gasket Kit - OEM. Fits Rover 45/ZS/75/ZT 2.0 and 2.5 V6. LVB101630

If you're unlucky enough to suffer V6 head gasket failure, luckily for you there's now an OEM kit available at a great price.

This kit contains everything you'll need for the job, including:

  • 2x OEM Head Gaskets (MLS) - LVB101630
  • 2x OEM Cam Cover Gaskets - LVP100470
  • 4x Camshaft Seals (Rear) - LUC100220
  • 4x Camshaft Seals (Front) - LUC100290
  • 2x Inlet Manifold Gaskets - LKJ100992
  • 2x Exhaust Manifold Gaskets - LKG100290

If you need a kit including the cambelts, waterpump and related tensioner/idler, we also sell this as a complete 'Ultimate' KV6 Head Gasket Kit.

It is worthy of note that the Camshaft End Caps (LUC100151) have been replaced with 2x LUC100290, as the End Caps are prone to popping off in service leading to oil loss.