Rover 800 / 825 KV6 V6 Head Gasket Kit 2.5L - OEM-Q LVB101380 / LVB101010EVA

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Complete Head Gasket Kit for all Rover 800 models using the KV6 engine. 
This includes all gaskets needed to complete the job - including the following: 

- 2x LVB101380 / LVB101010EVA Head Gaskets - Original Payen
- 2x LVP100360EVA Cam Cover Gaskets
- 2x LKJ100680 Inlet Manifold Gaskets
- 2x LKG100290 Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
- 4x LUC100220 Camshaft Seals
- 4x LUC100290 Camshaft Seals

You can also add 16x Head Bolts or 24x Valve Stem Seals (or both!) via the drop-down menu. 

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