K Series (VVC) BW750 Elastomer Head Gasket Kit - OEM-Q BW750KIT

K Series (VVC) BW750 Elastomer Head Gasket Kit - OEM-Q BW750KIT

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Rover K Series Elastomer Head Gasket - LVB000320 / BW750.
This gasket is our clone of the Payen BW750 - offering improved reliability over the original MG Rover part, combined with a down-to-earth price and our OEM-Q quality guarantee. 

Fit the Elastomer gasket when your liners are sitting less than 3 thou proud of the block face, or are uneven in height.


  • K Series Elastomer Head Gasket - LVB000320
  • Inlet Manifold Gasket - OEM - LKJ100821
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket - Victor Reinz - LKG100300 
  • Cam Cover Gasket - OEM - LVP100630 
  • 2x Front Camshaft Seals - OEM supplier - LUC100290
  • 2x Rear Camshaft Seals - OEM supplier - LUC100220

Fits the 1.8 VVC engines fitted to all MG Rover models and all MG TF 135 models. 

Fits the 1.8 VVC engine fitted to any MG Rover vehicle. 

You can customise this kit to meet your needs - use the drop down menu to choose any additional parts you require. 

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We also have the revised Oil Rail available - this helps stiffen up the bottom end to help improve the reliability of the K Series engine. Click here to view this item.

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