K Series (Non VVC) BW750 Elastomer Head Gasket Kit - OEM-Q

This item is always carried in stock for same-day dispatch. 

Rover K Series Elastomer Head Gasket - LVB000320 / BW750.
This gasket is our clone of the Payen BW750 - offering improved reliability over the original MG Rover part, combined with a down-to-earth price and our OEM-Q quality guarantee. 

Fit the Elastomer gasket when your liners are sitting less than 3 thou proud of the block face, or are uneven in height.


  • OEM-Q Elastomer K Series Elastomer Head Gasket - LVB000320 / BW750
  • Revised Viton Inlet Manifold Gasket - OEM-Q - LKJ101110
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket - Victor Reinz - LKG100300 
  • Cam Cover Gasket - OEM - LVP100630 
  • 2x Front Camshaft Seals - Corteco - LUC100290
  • 2x Rear Camshaft Seals - Corteco - LUC100220

Fits the 1.1 / 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.8 engines fitted to the 200/400/25/45/75/ZR/ZS/ZT.


Valve stem seals (16) available as an extra - see options.

10x Genuine BGA Head Bolts available as an extra - see options.