MG ZT260 / Rover 75 V8 A/C Revival Bundle Kit - Compressor JPB000320, Condenser JRB000140 and O Rings

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Bundle for the MG ZT260 / Rover 75 V8 including A/C Compressor, Condenser and Condenser O Rings. 

Compressor includes the clutch / pulley assembly, and is supplied ready to fit. 
Includes 3 year warranty - this needs to be fitted by an A/C professional and the receiver / drier changed for this to be valid. 

The Compressor is a Denso item and the Condenser is an OEM-Q part. Both are guaranteed for 3 years. 

The Auxiliary Drive Belt is placed under a lot of strain by a working A/C Compressor - we recommend changing the belt too. Click here.


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