Rover 75 / MG ZT Air Conditioning O Ring Kit - All models except V8 - JUUKIT1

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This kit replaces all of the O Rings used in the Rover 75 / MG ZT Air Conditioning system - fits all engine types. 

Note - when fitting O Rings you must clean up all mating surfaces thoroughly. 
The O Ring makes contact on 3 surfaces (indicated with yellow arrows on the attached picture) and they must all be cleaned before fitting. 

Included O Rings

Condenser to Pipe Connections - 1x JUU000020, 1x JUU000010
Compressor to Pipe Connections - 1x JUU000040, 1x JYX100170 / 1x JUU000010 (can vary depending on year, both options included)
Evaporator to Condenser Pipe - both ends, Condenser side - 2x JUU000020
Evaporator to Compressor Pipe - Evaporator end - 2x JUU000030 / 1x JUU000040 / 1x JUE000100 (depending on year)

Total included:

3x JUU000020
2x JUU000010
2x JUU000040
2x JUU000030
1x JYX100170
1x JUE000100

Note - some systems do have slightly different options as you can see from the information above, however this kit includes all options to cover all model years. 
If in doubt, please compare the new O Rings carefully to those fitted and you'll be able to work out which you need. 
Bear in mind old O Rings will be slightly smaller due to compression over the years. 

Does not fit V8 models, as these use a different A/C system. 

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