*Ultimate K Series Head Gasket Fix - 6 Layer Victor Reinz MLS Gasket, High Tension Head Bolts and Revised Oil Rail. Equiv to ZUA000530 / LVB90025A

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It's finally here - when SAIC revised the K Series for fitting to the MG7, they changed the construction of the Head Gasket, used higher-tensile Head Bolts and fitted a re-enforced Lower Oil Rail. You can now fit these parts to your K Series-engined MG Rover vehicle.

The latest Victor Reinz gasket included in this kit follows the design changes of the N Series Head Gasket - using a 6 layer design and advanced sealing composites on all sealing surfaces.

The revised engine used in the MG7 also had minor engine block and head changes, however the majority of the changes were brought about by the items included in this kit. 

This kit is currently fitted to many high performance K Series powered vehicles - including a Judd-engined MG ZR and several Lotus Elise / Caterham 7 models. 
It's also the current solution of choice for those fitting a 1.8T engine into the MG ZR / ZS - allowing power levels in excess of 200BHP without having to worry about failure.

Revisions to the items included:

  • Head Gasket: We are using the Victor Reinz MLS gasket with this kit currently. It has a 7 layer construction including a head saver shim. The Shim is ideal for cylinder heads that are possibly a little softer than they once were, and also may have been skimmed a little further than advised. LVB500190
  • Head Bolts: Tensile rating changed from 9.8 to 10.9, meaning more pressure applied to the sealing surfaces of the Head Gasket. Observe tightening sequence below. Top quality UK manufactured items. Part number WAM2293
  • Lower Oil Rail: Additional webbing and thicker casting adds additional strength, meaning clamping load is maintained. Part number LCN000140

The kit is supplied in one of 3 forms:

  • Basic Kit - includes the Head Gasket, Head Bolts and Lower Oil Rail only. 
  • Comprehensive Kit - Includes the contents of the Basic Kit, and Genuine Corteco camshaft seals, revised Viton inlet manifold gasket, exhaust manifold gasket and cam cover gasket. 
  • Ultimate Kit - Includes the contents of the Comprehensive Kit, and a cambelt kit with tensioner LHP100900 and waterpump assembly. Also includes a new thermostat with a full seal kit (thermostat outer seal and housing O rings) and 16x valve stem seals. The VVC option of this kit also includes the Rear Timing Belt LHN100400. 

This kit fits all K Series applications - 1.1, 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8. Use the drop-down menu to select if you have VVC or not (1.8 only). 

Head bolt torque settings: 20Nm + 180 degrees + 180 degrees

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