KV6 Head Gasket Kit - OEM. Fits Rover 45/ZS/75/ZT 2.0 and 2.5 V6. LVB101630

If you're unlucky enough to suffer V6 head gasket failure, luckily for you there's now an OEM kit available at a great price.

This kit contains everything you'll need for the job, including:

  • 2x OEM Head Gaskets (MLS) - LVB101630
  • 2x OEM Cam Cover Gaskets - LVP100470
  • 4x Camshaft Seals (Rear) - LUC100220
  • 4x Camshaft Seals (Front) - LUC100290
  • 2x Inlet Manifold Gaskets - LKJ100992
  • 2x Exhaust Manifold Gaskets - LKG100290

If you need a kit including the cambelts, waterpump and related tensioner/idler, we also sell this as a complete 'Ultimate' KV6 Head Gasket Kit.