Rover K Series Camshaft Seals - LUC100220 / LUC100290 / LUC100150 (K4 and KV6)

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Camshaft seals on the Rover K Series are generally quite tough, however if they've been damaged or mis-seated during a Head Gasket or Cambelt change they may need replacing.

Symptoms of leaking Camshaft seals are fairly obvious - oil will weep from the affected seal. It is recommended all 4 are replaced together.

The LUC100220 (red) seals are for the gearbox end of the engine, and LUC100290 (black) for the timing belt end. 

Included in this set are 4x OEM (Corteco) seals. 

List price: ~£12 (4) £6 (2)