Rover K Series 8v Cam Cover Gasket - LVP100390 - Genuine MG Rover

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This item is always carried in stock for same-day dispatch. 

If you have oil leaking from the top-most part of your K Series engine or oil in your spark plug wells, this is more than likely the cause.

A quality item, supplied ready to fit. Make sure you clean both sealing surfaces before fitting. 

This item is made by an OE supplier and are manufactured in the UK, and has the correct coating that will not degrade with time.
Cheaper versions from eBay etc have a painted coating that flakes off into the oil, leading to blocking of the oil strainer / filter and possible engine failure. 

Please note this gasket only fits the 8 valve K-Series engine and cannot be fitted to 16 valve models.

List price: ~£23

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