Rover 800 Coolant Expansion Tank (drop in replacement) - PCF10035 - Inc Cap

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Fits all models of Rover 800 (2.0, 2.5 and 2.7) except Diesel variants 

The Rover 800 uses a Coolant Expansion Tank with an inherent design flaw - the tanks tend to crack leading to loss of coolant and overheating. 

Unfortunately original replacements are unavailable, however we have a solution in stock - a European-made drop-in replacement that only requires minor modification to fit. 

Originally used on several Volvo models, the coolant outlets and shape of this mean it's an ideal substitute - the larger bottom hose simply needs re-routing to fit, and the small expansion hose will need extending by about 3 inches (any reinforced rubber hose is fine for this). 
Please note the original mounting bolt locations do not line up with this tank - you will either need to use a clamp / bracket from the original hole, or insert a couple of rivet nuts into the inner wing to allow fitment of bolts in the correct location. 

Product made in the EU. 

Includes 1x PCD100160 Coolant Cap. 

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