Rover 75 V8 / MG ZT260 Washer Bottle with / without Headlamp Wash - DMB103040 - Genuine MG Rover

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Brand new Washer Bottles for the Rover 75 V8 / MG ZT260 models. 
These fit models both with and without Headlamp Washers - if you have Headlamp Washers you'll need to drill the hole for the pump to fit through (this is marked on the bottle, just not drilled - the clip is present however). 

Does not include any pumps, please add these from the listings here if needed: 
If ordering a washer pump, please also add the filter grommet DMJ000020 from the link above. 

Please note you will need to re-use your existing Filler Neck with this item (swapping this over is simple; it's held in place by 2 O Rings). 


Rover 75 V8
MG ZT260

Manufacturer Genuine MG Rover
Notes Does not include pumps. Fits models with and without headlamp washers.
Stock location HH4

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