75 / ZT Pollen / Cabin Filter - OEM-Q - JKR000030 / JKR000031

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The Pollen Filter in the Rover 75 / MG ZT is often overlooked when servicing due to its location - they're situated under the Scuttle Panel.
While a little 'fiddly' to change, you'll notice a huge difference once you've swapped yours - your cabin blowers will be a lot more effective, and you may find a 'damp' smell (caused by the Pollen Filter becoming saturated by water due to its location) also disappears when this item is replaced.

Top tip - when changing this it's a good time to clear your plenum drains! If blocked, these will cause the Pollen Filter to become wet whenever you have heavy rainfall - not ideal, and if left unchecked this can also damage your ECU which is situated in the plenum too. 

Fits all models of the 75 / ZT inc V8.

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