Rover 75 / MG ZT CDT/CDTi Viton Intercooler O Rings - Kit - INT3

Rover 75 / MG ZT CDT/CDTi Viton Intercooler O Rings - Kit - INT3

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If you notice your 75 / ZT CDTi is down on power, you have excessive smoke or notice an oily film around the front passenger side of the engine bay accompanied by a 'whooshing' sound, the chances are you need new intercooler O rings. These are Viton - so won't swell and will last the life of the car.

These are easy to fit - no bumper removal necessary! It's a 10 minute job, and simply requires a 10mm socket and extension bar (plus of course a screwdriver to release the intercooler hose clips).

When the intercooler O rings were leaking on my 75, I noticed a black sooty haze upon hard acceleration, combined with poor fuel economy. I was around 5MPG down - at a 5MPG drop it will only take 200 miles to recoup the cost of new O rings.

The reason the O rings fail is because the rubber used is not resistant to fuel / oil and swells - Viton O rings, however, are - so this is a once-in-the-cars-life job.

List price: ~£7 for OEM seals

Some members of the various MG Rover forums recommend fitting a 3rd O Ring to the elbow - this is done by filing away the 'notches' in the groove where a 3rd O Ring could be fitted, adjacent to the exiting 2 items. You can choose 2 or 3 O Rings from the drop-down list. 


Rover 75 - all Diesel models
MG ZT - all Diesel models 

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