Rover 75 / MG ZT CDT/CDTi Service Kit (Diesel)

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A cost-effective way to give your Rover 75 / MG ZT (Diesels only) a thorough service.

Use the drop-down menu to customise your Service Kit. 

The basic kit contains an air filter and oil filter (inc sump washer), however you can add the following too:

  • Fuel filter assembly WJI100000
  • PCV filter assembly LLJ500010
  • Pollen filter assembly JKR000031
  • Sump Plug Washer

The PCV filter is often overlooked, however is vitally important. A blocked PCV can cause turbo seal failure, and will cause excessive crank case pressure resulting in oil leaks and sometimes engine failure.

All parts are top-quality aftermarket items, as used by myself in over 60,000 miles of trouble-free 75 ownership.

List price: ~£52

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