Rover 75 / MG ZT CDT/CDTi Crankshaft Pulley / Damper LHG100750 - OEM-Q / Corteco

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Please note - you have the choice of our OEM-Q brand or Genuine Corteco (as fitted at the factory) for this item. 
Use the drop down menu to select the item you wish to purchase. 

Top quality Crankshaft Pulleys to fit all Diesel variants of the 75 / ZT.

Cheap aftermarket parts have been known to fail after a few months or years of use, these top-quality items will provide maximum longevity and reliability!

1 year warranty with this item.

List price: ~£260

A copy of the belt run for the 75 / ZT Diesel is shown in the pictures above.
The part numbers for all components are as follows:

Crankshaft Pulley: LHG100750
Auxiliary Belt Tensioner: PQR000080
Auxiliary Belt Idler: PRF100060
Waterpump: PEB102470
Alternator: YLE102500 / YLE000260 / YLE000261 (Interchangeable)
Auxiliary Belt: PQS101300
A/C Belt: PQS101310

We have all of the above in regular stock; please use the Search box above to locate any other parts you may need.

Torque for refitting: 100Nm + 150 degrees

 Part number LHG100750

Rover 75 Diesel - all models
MG ZT Diesel - all models 
Land Rover Freelander TD4 - all models 

Fitment notes We recommend new belts (PQS101300 and PQS101310) when fitting. 
Check all tensioners and idlers for any play or wear when fitting. 
Torque for refitting: 100Nm + 150 degrees 
Stock location TBC 

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