Rover 45 / MG ZS Scuttle Panel Cover Seal Kit - fits DWG100040PMP - OEM-Q

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Top quality OEM-Q kit, built by us in house and supplied with colour printed instructions. 
Fits all Rover 45 and MG ZS models (Mk1 and Mk2). 

Over time leaves, mud and other debris builds up under the Scuttle Cover of the Rover 45 and MG ZS - this combined with the seals along the edge of the cover breaking down with age means water ingress into the cabin is a common issue on these vehicles. 

This kit includes all 3 seals fitted to the Scuttle Cover along with printed instructions covering both cleaning the scuttle itself and fitting of the new seals. 
The seals are self-adhesive and supplied ready to fit pre-cut to the correct length. 

When removing the Scuttle Cover you may find one or more of the clips holding it in place break - thankfully we have these available too. 

Round clips EYC100880: Click here
Rectangular clips DYC101310: Click here

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