Rover 400 / 45 / MG ZS Front Brake Disc Shield / Backplates - SEC000100P (Replaces SEC000100 / SEC100120)

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These are our long-awaited Front Brake Disc Backplates for the Rover 45 and MG ZS - currently unavailable from other sources, we have them at a fantastic price!

We have included some comparison pictures between this item and the MG Rover original part - as you can see the profile is ever so slightly different in a couple of areas, but these will fit and function perfectly. 

These are galvanised rather than painted - galvanisation provides long-term corrosion resistance while keeping the original silver finish. 
If you would rather these were painted back like the originals, you can simply apply a coat of any black spray paint before fitting. 

Fits all Rover 45 and MG ZS models (including ZS180). These are not handed - they fit both LH and RH. 
Please use the drop-down menu to select a single backplate or a pair - there's a small discount available when you purchase two.

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