Re-inforced KV6 Thermostat Kit - 45/ZS/75/ZT (2.0 and 2.5 V6) - PEM101050

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The KV6 Thermostat Housing commonly cracks with age, and starts to leak around the ultrasonic weld sealing the two halves together. 

To combat this, we've used an Aerospace-grade steel epoxy resin to strengthen the join - by using it above and below the weld, there is no stress on the weld itself - therefore the lifespan of the item should be greatly increased.

Before the application of the steel epoxy, the area is carefully cleaned with alcohol, and then the surfaces are lightly scored to aid adhesion. The epoxy has a tensile strength of over 5000psi, and can withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius. 

If your V6-engined MG-Rover vehicle is losing coolant, the first thing to check is the thermostat assembly. 

Remove the top engine cover and shine a torch down into the 'V' of the engine - you'll see the thermostat, and any coolant if it does happen to be leaking.

Replacement isn't too difficult - we recommend removing the plastic upper inlet manifold to make access a little easier. Make sure you have a litre or so of replacement coolant to hand, as you'll lose a little when changing this item. 

Includes both pipes (curved pipe PEP103270 and straight pipe PEP101970) and all O Rings needed to fit. Also includes a small amount of wire wool to help clean out the coolant port into the engine block. 

You can now add:

- 2x Straight Pipe Securing Clips (PYC101320)

- Coolant Temperature Sensor (MEK000030) - if your thermostat is leaking, this will often be liquid damaged

- 2x Inlet Manifold Gaskets (LKJ100992) - Also available here - KV6 Inlet Manifold Gaskets

To add these items, select the appropriate item from the drop-down menu above.


Part Number: PEM101050
Fitment: All KV6 Applications - 45 / 75 / ZS / ZT
Manufacturer: OEM - MG, Re-inforced in-house by us
Stock location CA6


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