Rover 75 / MG ZT / Freelander TD4 Diesel Thermostat Kit (Revised Version) PEL100570 (V3) PEL100570L / PEL100571

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We finally have a revised version of the M47 thermostat (fitted to all 75/ZT Diesels and TD4 Freelanders) that should be a lot more resistant to the 'early opening problem' the original items do. 

We've had these made up by a thermostat manufacturer with tried-and-tested parts, and offer a 3 year warranty on this item

This item is designated as the 'V3' of the CDTi thermostat - V1 was fitted to early production models and V2 on all subsequent models (and is the OEM version sold everywhere else). 

We have these fitted to our own fleet - and operating temperature tends to be between 88 and 90 degrees. Ideal for maximum fuel economy, and very toasty heaters! 

If you'd rather fit the Inline Thermostat Kit (a solution that fits within the top radiator hose; easier to fit but not a solution if this housing is leaking) click here: Inline Thermostat Kit


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