PowerMaxed Catalytic Converter Cleaner - 500ml. As tried and tested by us!

PowerMaxed Catalytic Converter Cleaner - 500ml. As tried and tested by us!

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Catalytic Converter Cleaner isn't a product we ever thought we'd stock - however our Rover 45 had the classic 'P0420' diagnostic code stored when we collected it so we thought we'd give it a try! 
This indicates the catalytic converter is operating below acceptable efficiency - performance of the catalyst is monitored by the ECU comparing the readings from the pre-cat and post-cat O2 sensors. 

The readings from live data were only just over the limit - given we were planning to replace the majority of the exhaust anyway, we thought we'd give this product a test. 
Incredibly it's improved the catalyst efficiency by around 20%; the EML hasn't appeared again since we gave the car an 'Italian tune up' with this product added to a full tank of fuel. 

We're not usually a fan of products such as this, but the results speak for themselves -this is ideal if you need to bring emissions down a touch at MOT time. 
Please note while we had great success with this product, we can't guarantee it'll work the same way for you - if your catalyst is well under the efficiency threshold, there's a good chance the EML will re-appear at some point as there's only so much a cleaning product can do. 

This product works with all Petrol vehicles - simply add to a full tank of fuel and drive. 
We recommend a run at motorway speeds to get the catalytic converter hot with the cleaner present - this will help break down the contaminants present. 

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