Oil Cooler Pipes for Rover 200/400/600/25/45/ZR/ZS Diesel Models - L Series PEP103150 and PBP101200

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These are a direct-fit replacement, and will fit perfectly out of the box. 
Please note this is an OEM-Q branded item rather than Genuine MG Rover as pictured. 

The oil cooler feed pipes fitted to the 200/400/600/25/45/ZR/ZS diesels tend to rust quite heavily, and eventually fail causing loss of oil and possible engine failure.

If yours are looking flakey or are already leaking, luckily there's a cost-effective solution.

This set of pipes fits all of the L Series diesel models, including those listed above. The price is for the pair - both the long and short pipe and all fittings / O-rings are included too.

Please note that you'll need to reverse the locations these hoses connect to at the oil cooler when fitting - the inlet hose will become the return and vice versa. 

List price: ~£145

Stock location: EC1

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