MG ZT / ZT-T Rear Damper / Shock Absorber Assembly - Sachs - RPD000151 / RPD000150 / RPD000530

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We've been working with Sachs to bring MG ZT / ZT-T Dampers back to 'regular' prices - these are items that have been tried and tested by us on our fleet of test cars, and have passed with flying colours.

These items are made to the 'Comfort' specification, which is ever-so-slightly softer than the 'Standard' specification (common on Mk1 cars, Mk2s were mainly 'Comfort').

We guarantee you'll like these - our 2003 ZT-T feels a lot more taught with these replacing the 150,000 mile-old items previously fitted. Cornering is sharper, and tramlining is greatly reduced. 

With these costing around half of the original item, you'll save a packet and transform your ZT / ZT-T. 

These can also be fitted to the Rover 75 - they'll be slightly more firm than the originals, but will provide added handling ability due to less 'wallowing' in corners. 
We do have Rover 75 Rear Dampers available in a separate listing if you would rather keep the 'soft' feel of the original part. 

These fit all ZT / ZT-T variants (excluding V8) - the ride height is set by the springs.

1 Year Warranty on this item. 

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