LLB286 Bulb for Rover 25 45 MG ZR ZS F TF Speedo / Instrument Cluster / Clock / Heater Controls

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This is the small 1.2w 12v LLB286 Bulb used in many applications throughout the MG Rover range - the list below isn't exhaustive. 

- 25 / ZR - Instrument cluster (see picture), Clock, Heater Controls 
- 45 / ZS - Instrument cluster (see picture), Clock, Heater Controls
- MG F/TF - Instrument cluster (see picture) Clock, Heater Controls 

Please check compatibility before purchasing. These bulbs are priced individually. 
We recommend changing all LLB286 bulbs in the vicinity when changing one - they are prone to damage by vibration due to age, so you may find multiple bulbs fail when you remove the instrument cluster etc to change one. 

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