KV6 Thermostat Kit - 45/ZS/75/ZT (2.0 and 2.5 V6) - PEM101050 - Genuine Waxstat

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Genuine Waxstat thermostat as fitted at the factory - top quality at a rock-bottom price!

Cheaper thermostat kits from eBay etc. often crack after only a few months - fit the best kit on the market, and you'll be set for years of trouble-free motoring. 

If your V6-engined MG-Rover vehicle is losing coolant, the first thing to check is the thermostat assembly. 

Remove the top engine cover and shine a torch down into the 'V' of the engine - you'll see the thermostat, and any coolant if it does happen to be leaking.

Replacement isn't too difficult - we recommend removing the plastic upper inlet manifold to make access a little easier. Make sure you have a litre or so of replacement coolant to hand, as you'll lose a little when changing this item. 

Includes both pipes (curved pipe PEP103270 and straight pipe PEP101970) and all O Rings needed to fit. Also includes a small amount of wire wool to help clean out the coolant port into the engine block. 

2 year warranty on this kit as standard.

Includes printed fitting guidance and wire wool to help clean up the coolant ports on your engine - essential for a reliable long-term fix. 

You can now add:

- 2x Straight Pipe Securing Clips (PYC101320)

- Coolant Temperature Sensor (MEK000030) - if your thermostat is leaking, this will often be liquid damaged

- 2x Inlet Manifold Gaskets (LKJ100992) - Also available here - KV6 Inlet Manifold Gaskets

To add these items, select the appropriate item from the drop-down menu above.


Part Number: PEM101050
Fitment: All KV6 Applications - 45 / 75 / ZS / ZT
Manufacturer: OEM-Q
Stock location: BB1

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