KV6 Inlet Manifold with VIS Motors - LKB108021 - Genuine MG Rover

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This is a quality refurbished item - a low mileage manifold with brand new VIS Motors and new seals throughout. 
This has also been extensively cleaned - although please bear in mind these are refurbished and not new, and may have some marks from previous use. 

If you have a rattle from the top end of your KV6 engine (particularly when cold) it's likely to be your inlet manifold - the small ball joints connecting the internal flaps to the actuating arm for VIS wear away. 

Replacement of the manifold isn't cheap, however once done you shouldn't need to do it again. This item also includes 2 new VIS motors. 


Part Number: LKB108021
Fitment: All KV6 Applications from 1999 onwards
Manufacturer: OEM - Genuine MG Rover
Notes: 12 month warranty on this item


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