KV6 Coil Pack (Late Type) - Genuine BERU NEC000070 / NEC000110 - 45 / 75 / ZS / ZT / Freelander V6 (NEC000070L / NEC000110L)

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Absolutely crazy price - these are Genuine BERU (Germany) Coil Packs for all late KV6 applications (changeover from early coil packs was around mid-late 02). 

MG Rover now sell BERU items as the Genuine MG Rover product - this is the same item for a fraction of the cost. 

At this price, grab a set to put on the shelf for use in future! You can use the drop down menu to select a full set of 6, and save a little extra.

Genuine BERU Germany item. Fits all late V6 45 / 75 / ZS / ZT applications, as well as the Land Rover Freelander V6.

There are 2 types of coils fitted to KV6 engines - early and late. See pictures to identify yours - these are late type packs. 

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