Valve Lifters / Tappets - K Series and KV6 - LGR000050 / LGR100330 OEM-Q

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A set of quality lifters for the K Series - available in both OEM-Q and Genuine SAIC MG variants. 

Our OEM-Q item is made by a top tier supplier; these are designed to work with both VVC and non-VVC engines - the piston assembly in this lifter is variable-length and suitable for both applications. 

The Genuine MG part is for non-VVC applications only. Please order the OEM-Q part if you have a VVC engine. 

Supplied and priced individually - please add as many as you need to your basket once you have selected either the OEM-Q or Genuine MG part supplied to SAIC MG. 

Part number: LGR000050 / LGR100330

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