K Series Main Bearings - Plain and Grooved - WAM4026 / WAM4027 - OEM-Q

K Series Main Bearings - Plain and Grooved - WAM4026 / WAM4027 - OEM-Q

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K Series Main (Crankshaft) Bearings - a full engine replacement requires 7x WAM4026 Plain Bearings and 3x WAM4027 Grooved Bearings. 
The middle three top-row bearings are Grooved - the rest are Plain.

Supplied under our OEM-Q brand, these are quality parts to OE specification at a fraction of the price. 
Please use the drop-down menu to add the bearings you need - use the guide below to find your grading. 

Read the code from the crankshaft front web - for example 1 1 1 1 1.
You'll then need the 5-letter code from the engine casing at the front adjacent to the Oil Filter Housing - this code is written upside-down, and is read from the front of the engine to the back. The first letter is bearing 1 (Oil Filter Housing end). 
Combine the codes to find your bearing grades. 

If two different grades are specified, the thicker one is to be placed in the bearing ladder (bottom half of the engine). 

Use the table below and the information above to find your bearing grades.
Blue - .10
Red - .20
Green - .30 

 1 2 3
A Blue-Blue Red-Blue Red-Red
B Blue-Green Blue-Blue Red-Blue
C Green-Green Blue-Green Blue-Blue

Priced per bearing. 

RRP: ~£95 for a full set.

 Fitment All K Series applications
Manufacturer DMGRS OEM-Q
Notes Fits all K Series engine sizes, both 8v and 16v
Stock location AE3

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