*GROUP BUY* KV6 Cambelt (Timing Belt) Kit (Rover 75 / ZS180 / ZT160 / ZT190 / 825) - OEM-Q

This product is currently sold out.

The Group Buy has ended - however please email sales@dmgrs.co.uk if you still need one, as we may have a few sets left from customers who have dropped out since registering interest.

You can order the kit at the regular price here: KV6 Cambelt Kit

It is important to only use top quality parts on the KV6 engine when changing the cambelts and related parts.

This kit only includes Dayco and OEM-equivalent parts from leading brands (INA tensioner, OEM-Q water pump) - with a job as major as the V6 belt change, there's no gain in skimping on part quality. 
Our OEM-Q water pumps are made by a SAIC MG OEM supplier, and have an excellent reliability record.
Now includes the all-new enhanced Idler Pulley - no more thin plastic webbing and rollers! See pictures for more details on the revisions we've made. 

This kit includes:

  • Long front cambelt (Dayco) LHN100410
  • Cambelt tensioner (INA, MG Rover OEM) LHB101630
  • Cambelt idler (OEM - revised with larger centre hub) LHV100110
  • 2x rear belts (Dayco) LHN100420
  • OEM-Q Waterpump (PEB102240)
2 Year Warranty on this kit.
List price: ~£190 (Full kit)
Part Number: LHN100410, LHN100420, LHB101630, LHV100110, PEB102240
Fitment: All KV6 Applications
Manufacturer: Dayco Belts, OEM Tensioners
Notes: ..