Ballast Module - 75/ZT Xenon Headlights. XCA000010 / XCA000020

Over time, the ballast module on Xenon Technology headlight units can fail - meaning light output is severely reduced or stops altogether.

Checking if your ballast is faulty is simple - remove the cover on the back of your headlights covering the ballast, and swap the module to the other headlamp (they're not sided). If the lamp works correctly, the D2S Burner is at fault (available here - D2S Burners) and if it still malfunctions, you need a new ballast module. 

The different part numbers for LH and RH ballasts only relate to the cover over the unit, which you will re-use. The ballasts are not sided. 

These are a premium item from Europe, and come with a 2 year warranty provided by ourselves.