All Metal K Series Cambelt Tensioner - LHP100900 / LHP100900L (25/45/75/ZR/ZS/ZT/Freelander/TF) LHP100901

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We've finally had a fully-metal K Series Cambelt Tensioner made up - and the finished item is a thing of beauty.

Say goodbye to the fracture-prone plastic outer wheel of the original item - this is fully metal in construction, and is designed to last. 

All MGR Original and Aftermarket items use a plastic outer wheel - this is the ONLY fully metal design available. 

The icing on the cake? This is cheaper than the Original MGR part! 
If you need the centre mounting bolt (LYG101460), please use the Search box above to locate it. 

3 year warranty on this item. 

This part fits all non-VVC 4 cylinder petrol cars with the late (auto adjusting) cambelt system fitted - all 25 / 45 / 75 / ZR / ZS / ZT models inc turbo.

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Feedback from a customer regarding this product:

Just writing to say that the metal timing belt tensioner arrived promptly, comparing this to the one that I removed, you could feel the difference in quality, the old one (less than a year old) the bearing was rumbling and the auto tensioner was very stiff leading to high belt tension.
The new one, the bearing is really smooth and silent, the auto adjuster is really smooth, fitted and adjusted up really easily, overall an excellent product, can only recommend.

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