75/ZT Clutch Kits including fitting at our workshop - Southport, NW England

We are pleased to offer a fitting service for our excellent Borg & Beck clutch kits at our workshop in North West England.

You'll need to either drive the car or have it recovered to us, however you'll benefit from full workshop facilities, a team who have done many clutch changes on the 75/ZT and also a nearby town centre to explore while the work is done. 

To book this service, please order the kit and fitting to match your car and then email sales@dmgrs.co.uk with details of when you'd like to attend for fitment. Fitting usually takes around 6 hours, however if problems are encountered (seized bolts, other broken parts) this may take longer and additional parts may be required. 

The clutches we fit are the Borg & Beck items, and the price quoted also includes a new LUK Concentric Slave Cylinder and a fluid flush to clean any old contaminated fluid from the system. 

We strongly recommend having the Master Cylinder changed at the same time - they are prone to failing shortly after a clutch change. We do not warrant your existing Master Cylinder for this reason, although of course a new Master Cylinder is fully warranted.

The Master Cylinders we fit are the all-metal Tazu items. These are available for £135 fitted at the same time as your new clutch. Add this item from the drop-down list at the top of the page.  

You can now also have the new Metal Slave Cylinder fitted instead of the standard LUK item for an additional £40.

Say goodbye to expensive clutch changes - with prices starting at £399.99 we're helping to bring the cost of owning a 75/ZT down to the level of much 'cheaper' cars!

 Appointments for fitting are usually available within 48 hours notice, and can be made up to 4 weeks in advance.