L Series Glow Plugs - NCC100050 (200/400/600/25/45/ZR/ZS)

This item is always carried in stock for same-day dispatch. 

If your L Series is particularly difficult to start on very cold mornings, it's usually the glow plugs or fuel pump timing that is slightly out. 

If your timing is OK, then it's time to check you have power to the glowplugs (use a multimeter between the connector on the top of one of your plugs and the engine itself) and finally replace them if power is present.

Over time glow plugs lose their ability to reach the white-hot temperatures needed for quick starting in cold weather.

These are top-quality items as used by us in the past with no issues, right down to -20 degrees Celsius.

Quality manufacturer - usually NGK / Denso / BGA.